NONAHAL(Premature Baby Mobile Application)


We developed a mobile application(app) named NONAHAL (premature baby) for helping parents to meet their preemies requirements

 Being born Premature is the biggest global factor of mortality in young children, all around the world. Preterm birth, which occurs before full 37 weeks of pregnancy, leads to requirement of complex medical care and maybe a longer hospital stay in all premature babies. Parents of premature babies often go through many emotional ups and downs in the early weeks and months of their baby’s life.

 The aim of NONAHAL was to increase the family’s knowledge about the fact and attendance of parents in evolution stages of their premature babies as well as creating an atmosphere for interlocution between parent’s and medication board

 Development of NONAHAL is including of 8 phases and the application is developed  by agile developing methodology


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JAVANAN(Youth Health Mobile Application)

Javanan APP


We developed a mobile application(app) named JAVANAN (Youth Health ) for helping parents and youth to meet their youth requirements
Articles has shown that the tested m-Health program has been effective in promoting attitudes, subjective norms and intentions to learn communication skills. Given the availability of this technology, it seems that it can lead to useful findings in promoting youth health.

Today, it is essential that new technologies such as Smartphone’s and their tools, such as applications, be considered in the design of health interventions.
A combination of two scrum and waterfall methods was used to perform the analysis and design phase of the application. The three main steps considered in this section were (1) feasibility study, data selection for an information system, (2) analysis and technical design of the application, and the (3) evaluation and document writing.


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MOMMY(Pregnancy Mobile Application)

Pregnancy Mommi APP


We developed a mobile application(app) named MOMMY (Pregnancy Health ) for helping Family to meet their Pregnancy requirements

week and day-by-day – with pregnancy tips for your exact stage of pregnancy.

To get started, simply enter your baby’s due date (you can use our pregnancy due date calculator to find it). See weekly developments of your growing baby throughout your pregnancy. You’ll have access to information to make more informed decisions for a healthy pregnancy as a new parent. All health content is based on information from experts and reviewed by members of Mother Health office in ministry of health, so you can feel confident and prepared for the changes to your baby and body.

This APP has considered standards of public education office in ministry of health and its contents have provided by a committee of expertise in MotherHealth based on recent evidences and knowledge. This APP has made by Sib-Sabz-Pishro-Salamat Corporation with supervision of Mother Health office in ministry of health


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SHADEGAN(FamilyHealth Mobile Application)

Shadegan APP


We developed a mobile application(app) named SHADEGAN(Family Health ) for helping Family to meet their  family requirements

Shadegan bilingual application (Arabic and Persian) according to international and Iranian standards provides you with health education materials to improve the level of family health knowledge in the path of a healthy lifestyle. Guides you through managing your thoughts and feelings such as fear and anxiety by raising awareness. Enhance health-related behaviors such as healthy eating, exercise, and relaxation. And by identifying the danger signs, identify the right time to seek help and create the best state of health for yourself and your family.


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